benefits of keto

Benefits of Keto: Fast Facts Check

Benefits of Keto

First, though, by putting your body into ketosis (the process of using fat instead of carbs as energy fuel), here are 3 BIG benefits you can experience from Keto:

ONE: Keto speeds up weight loss.Your body works harder to turn fat into energy than it does with carbs. Meanwhile, Keto is mainly a protein diet, which means your appetite is naturally curbed. As a result, you eat less while your body burns more fat.

TWO: Keto improves your heart health.The Keto diet has a heavy focus on healthy fats (avocados, nuts, olive oil, etc.). Healthy fats like these are ideal for reducing the bad type of cholesterol (LDL) while increasing good cholesterol (HDL). With the Keto diet, you can protect your heart by maintaining a healthy cholesterol balance and consuming highly nutritious fats.

THREE: Keto increases brain function.Researchers are still learning of the relationship between Keto and the brain. However, so far there are multiple studies strongly suggesting that Keto is a miracle-worker for cognitive function. Thanks to the dietís neuroprotective benefits, Keto can aid against the prevention of diseases like Parkinsonís, Alzheimerís and more. Keto can even help with sleep disorders!

Hope this short fast facts give you more knowledge about Keto.

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