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We can see a drastic change in women’s lives over the centuries. In the 1900s, women only lived about 50 years. But, in the modern era, their life expectancy has increased to 83 years and that number is on the rise.

Not only are they living longer, but can also enjoying a better quality of life. This can only be done if women take account of their bodies and understand how they can boost their personal health and wellbeing

Health not only refers to physical condition but the overall well-being of women. It is not identified merely by biological factors but also by the effects of workload, supplements, diet, and mental health.

Women’s health is crucial for a healthy society since the health of families is tied to women’s health. The death or illness of a woman has serious and radical consequences for the health of children, family, and community. However, due to the several roles and responsibilities of women, they focus more on the health care of their spouse and children, whereas neglecting their own needs. 

Various diseases that affect women can be prevented if they make health care a priority.   

Why women’s health?

Several researches have shown that every 1 out of 2 females is suffering from chronic heart disease. This indicates how important it is for women to take care of their health. Jean Hailes, the founder of Women’s Health Week, says that women don’t maintain their health due to the following two barriers:

  1. Lack of time
  2. Not prioritizing their health

It’s no secret that women are leading a much busier life these days. This makes themselves low on their priority list. However, it’s time for women to start considering their health and putting themselves first. 

By maintaining your health and making positive changes that last a lifetime, you’re investing in the future. Moreover, the greater you invest the more you’ll be able to look after your loved ones. Therefore, it’s the right to put yourself first and begin a serious conversation about women’s health.  

Benefits of maintaining health

Maintaining mental and physical health can be quite daunting for women. If you’re lazy at prioritizing your health, the health journey can feel like a steep, uphill battle. Remember, taking good care of your health requires constant efforts. 

Regular visits to your doctor or dentist can help you prevent various life-threatening diseases. They can detect any possible health problem while it is still manageable. Here are some long-term benefits of living a healthy and active life:

  • Improved mood and less stress
  • Feeling energized over time
  • A good body posture
  • Improved cardiovascular health
  • Increased physical strength
  • Better relationships

These benefits not only boost your mental and physical health but also prevents several diseases. While it might be a bit challenging, maintaining your mental and physical health has many advantages in the long-run. 

Nature Trust’s Cholesterol Support, Antarctic Krill Oil, and Omega 3 Fish Oil Pills can help you fight off sickness and other health problems. 

Why do Women Ignore their Health?

Women neglect their health due to various reasons. The important thing is to figure out what’s holding you back. Try implementing simple tips to start taking care of your health. Here are the top four reasons why women ignore their health:

1. Mindset

Many barriers limit women from taking care of their health. All women are conditioned to believe that they should sacrifice their entire life for others, whether it is due to upbringing, tradition, or culture. Sometimes, you should take a step back and analyze where you invest your time. Try taking some out for yourself and start improving your health. 

2.  Stress

Working women play various roles – being a mother, daughter, partner, and a worker at the same time. She becomes the queen of multi-tasking, resulting in a lot of stress. They try to play every role perfectly to stay away from the guilt if any of these roles suffer. This stress can be a cause of infertility, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes. Avoid stressors to lead a happier life. 

3. Family

Women are becoming the primary caregivers of not only their immediate family but the extended family. Some women try to be available for everyone, neglecting the importance of their personal time and maintaining health. 

4. Work

Women need to work hard and put extra efforts to prove themselves and receive equal rights as men. They work for unpaid hours to be received as loyal and worthy of a position. All this only results in extreme tiredness, stress, fatigue, which she brings to her home at the end of the day. Will she now be able to give some time to herself?   

How to be a healthier woman?

Taking care of their health is crucial for women so they can look after the next generation – says Dr. Fordham. Women have the prerogative of dealing with pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding. They are the nurturers and caretakers. If they don’t take care of themselves, how would they be able to take care of others? Here’s a rundown of various methods that’ll help a woman live a healthier life:

1. Regular checkup

Several steps can help women lead a good and healthy life. Start with having a regular checkup. Make an appointment with your doctor so you’d know what to work on. It’s always great to consider where you’re at with your health. Therefore, visit your doctor and have your health checked. 

2.  Consider your diet

Not only women but everyone should take a healthy diet. A balanced-diet is crucial for healthy living. It’s a saying that if we follow the meal plans of diabetic patients, the world would become a healthier place. This diet plan includes:

  • Limiting the intake of sugar
  • Avoiding overeating
  • Being careful about the intake of carbohydrates
  • Consuming different whole-grains, and fruits and vegetables every day
  • Avoiding alcohol consumption, cigarette smoking, nicotine, or excess caffeine
  • Adding a limited amount of salt 
  • Consuming less fat

Suppose you bought an expensive car. What would you do with it? You probably would put optimal fuel to get optimal results. Similarly, your body is that expensive car and you need to eat healthy to live a healthier life. You can get a new car but this is the only body you can have. Therefore, stick to a healthy diet and take vitamins necessary for healthy living. 

Try Nature Trust’s Greens Nutrition and Daily multivitamin dietary supplements for living a healthy lifestyle. 

3. Be physically active

Many of us are sedentary, stuck in front of our screens promoting weight gain. Our lives would be much better if we add regular physical activity to your daily routine. Our overall fitness will improve. Regular physical activities also lower the risks of obesity.  

You’ll see a visible change in your overall health by exercising 30 minutes daily. Additionally, Nature Trust’s Pre Energy and Energy formula can help you boost energy. 

4.  Prioritize sleep

A lot of women don’t take healthy sleep. They suffer from various sleep problems like insomnia. It’s a fact that sleep-deprived people feel lazy the entire day. How would they take care of someone else? If you’re unable to sleep at night, consider being tested for sleep apnea. 

Improve your sleep habits and stay healthy by maintaining a bedtime schedule and take 7-9 hours of sleep. Are you taking enough sleep? Improve your health by taking nine hours of quality sleep. Sleep deprivation affects your overall well being, heart health, and productivity.   

5. Maintain your mental health

Kids. Career. Family. Volunteer work. Friends. A lot of women are swimming in responsibilities and stress, which disturb them mentally. Excessive stress can lead to:

  • High blood pressure
  • Back pain
  • Abdominal bloating 
  • Sleeping problems
  • Relationship conflicts
  • Stomach or gastrointestinal issues

Several stress-management and relaxation techniques can help you manage and reduce stress. These include:

  • Meditation 
  • Therapy
  • Yoga
  • Prayer
  • Exercise

6. Learn to say ‘no’ where necessary

Learning to say ‘no’ is an important skill. We must know that we are finite beings, and we have the right to choose the most important priorities. It’s completely fine not to do everything that is thrown your way. 


Women’s health is an important problem for females throughout the world. If you’re a female who is willing to maintain better health for several years, you must consider women checkups. Such examinations help to detect possible medical concerns that need to be addressed right away. Your health should be the main focus of life. Therefore, women need to understand the importance of regular checkups and prioritize mental and physical health.

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